Saturday, November 10, 2007

The antihypertensives were divided into trio categories.

The medications included in the product-specific analyses were Cardizem CD (CCB, antihypertensive), Lotensin (ACE inhibitor, antihypertensive), Seldane (antihistamine), Hismanal (antihistamine), Claritin (antihistamine), fluconazole, Hytrin (BPH medication), Zocor (antilipemic), and Zantac (acid-peptic state drug). Although a appraisal of the data showed that Lotensin was only advertised for 17 months, it was included in the analyses because the antihypertensive socio-economic class had met the increase criteria and it provided more accusal without detracting from the creation analyses. No other effect in any of the pharmaceutical classes shared similar condition.
The antihypertensives were divided into trio categories: antihypertensives other than ACE inhibitors and CCBs, CCBs, and ACE inhibitors. Reprint categories were created for CCBs and ACE inhibitors to growth the construct lustiness of the class-based analyses involving Lotensin and Cardizem CD. Variables related to the antihistamines were adjusted to activity the variableness caused by seasonal allergens by subtracting the monthly scale value spirit level from the observed monthly levels of each dependent quantity (i.e., diagnoses and prescriptions written). What remained after the seasonal fitting was the vesture in the dependent variable star not attributable to scale value seasonal variations.

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